Rosalind Radcliffe

  • A003 - Opening Keynote - Ask yourself does it hold value that it is unique?

    Open Sessions: Plenum

    Session Evaluation

    Mainframes provide core value to our world by providing computing power with reliability, scaleability, and security.   Many times we have a mainframe solution and a different solution for other platforms, but why.  Come to this session to learn about all the changes that have been made to remove the differences that do not provide value, instead focusing on the unique values the mainframe can provide but in a way access-able to all.  

  • Rosalind Radcliffe

  • S611 - What's your distributed pipeline, see how it applies to z/OS as well

    Application Development Session: Alpha

    Session Evaluation

    The distributed teams have been evolving and automating, moving to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery through cultural, process, and tools changes.  At the core of any CI/CD process is the pipeline itself.  Come see how that pipeline, if it's Azure, or Jenkins, or any other choice can apply to z/OS as well.  This session will show how modern pipelines and processes can be used to improve quality, increase speed to value and satisfy audit.