Sophie Green

  • S100 - CICS Responsibles

    CICS Sessions: Room K second Floor

  • S700 - Extra Track Responsibles

    Extra Sessions: Room J 2nd floor
  • S705 - Develop code that runs the world

    Extra Sessions: Room J 2nd floor

    Session Evaluation


    Writing code is not that complicated. But what will change, if you want to run it on a mainframe? In this session you will learn:
    - what languages and interfaces you can use

    - what runtime environments you will encounter
    - how typical development will look like (spoiler: it can be everything from terminal screens, over eclipse to LSP-based editors)
    - how your life as developer might differ from your coding experience today
    Some stuff might be new to you, like Cobol, CICS, IMS, ISPF, some you may know from your studies, like Swift, Node.js, Git, Jenkins, Waterfall model (yeah, still around), DevOps and many more.