Svenn-Aage Sønderskov

  • S700 - Extra Track Responsibles

    Extra Sessions: Room J 2nd floor
  • S711 - COBOL Roundtable

    Extra Sessions: Room J 2nd floor

    Session Evaluation


    Every IT installation have COBOL code where they wonder, why is it slow? 

    You may also be in a situation, that you did not know that the COBOL code was slow, much slower than the Db2 in the program.

    At this session you will have the chance to optimize the code you have be struggling with for long. Or learn that optimizing the COBOL code really matters.

    Bring the COBOL code or COBOL statement you want to optimize. Please note – we will not handle Db2 statements.

    In this session we will look into the COBOL code examples that you bring and that you struggle with, consuming a lot of CPU. 

    It could also be that you just want to do something smarter or faster to save CPU, just bring it on.

    Maybe you will tell us something very smart, that will save others a lot of CPU, the choice is yours. But all your input must be related to the COBOL code.

    IBM and all the participants in the session will try to help and learn from your troubles/ideas, and input from the session will be handed over to IBM who may be able to use the input for COBOL language improvements. 

  • S712 - Best Practices in Mainframe Operations Roundtable

    Extra Sessions: Room J 2nd floor

    Session Evaluation


    The operations side of the Mainframe is challenged by the Generation Gap, Demographic issues, lack of management understanding of the platform and thus tend to be out of focus even if it is the platform, that “runs” the business.

    Due to the decreasing qualified resources to run the Operation we can foresee the challenges to run the mainframe.

    Everybody has done efforts in the Automation area, but areas that cannot be automated or areas, that needs to be addressed before it is to late need attention NOW.

    As examples of the crucial areas, that needs to be addressed:  

    -   Debugging as part of Root Cause Analysis

    -   Do hygienic tasks on daily basis - Performance, security, maintenance, monitoring … 

    -   Solving Software and hardware errors 

    -   .…

    Come and take part in the discussion on what we have to pass on as the "Best Practices in Mainframe Operations" and maybe you want to start or be part of a local community on the subject to be shared with the World.   


  • Svenn-Aage Sønderskov