Thomas Sennels

  • S203 - Admitting the cloud into Db2

    Session Evaluation

    As cloud solutions moves fast-forward, they have an increasing interest in Db2 Z/OS  data. The Db2 data resides in the mainframe where cics and batch jobs still run most of the bank.   Replicating transactional data off-platform has proven to be difficult.

    Db2 is matured for distributed clients with direct access to the DB2 data.  This opening of pandoras box of distributed SQL is discussed.  This means that old principles are sacrificed, and new monitoring and preventive instruments are put into use. Self-serviced solutions are the key to onboarding new cloud users.

    The subjects for this session are all the bits and pieces required. Such as commit scope, .Net /java programming, connection pools, driver levels, Db2 authentication, Db2 profiles tables, SQL performance, literal replacement, applcompat ,z-parms, DDF alias, Sysplex distributor, traceability, etc.


  • Thomas Sennels