Will Yates

  • S102 - Enhancing CICS Foundations

    Each release of CICS brings a host of new functions that enhance the core of the CICS runtime, 6.1 is no exception, with new capabilities around region tagging, resource definition overrides and system policy.  This session will explain these new capabilities and highlight the benefit they will bring to your CICS environment


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  • S104 - Zero Trust Strategy and Compliance in CICS

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    Zero trust isn't something you can buy or implement. It's a philosophy and a strategy.This presentation will show the features available in CICS TS which can help you with your Zero Trust strategy.

    The presentation will concentrate on a key principal of enabling the right user, to have the right access, to the right data, for the right reasons.

    It will cover the new content available in the CICS TS open beta, as well as some of the compliance enhancements in CICS TS 6.1.




  • Will Yates