Session Evaluation

1. Enhanced SQL optimizer path selection can save DBA’s up to 30% of their time by managing application performance and queries more effectively and efficiently
• Improves access paths by predicting likely SQL behavior and applying additional runtime optimization.
• Automatically stabilizes dynamic queries and supports the ability to lock/unlock the access path.
• Automatically self-tune access paths.

2. Distributed Connection Control -- protects Db2 for z/OS from unintentional disruptions and intrusions that may originate from remote applications
• Uses AI to learn distributed connection behavior to control connection flooding.
• Automatically learn and visualize connection and thread behavior.
• Creates warning and exception alerts with additional connector/thread information

3. Systems Assessment -- analyzes Db2 subsystems for best practices to help reduce the need for costly application optimization and tuning and can improve database performance
• Uses AI to learn what’s normal and perform exception-based analysis.
• Provides recommended actions and correlations for each exception based on Db2 SME knowledge and speeds up analysis.
• Automatically collects key performance information allowing you to visualize KPIs to simplify analysis of data sharing groups, subsystems, and application connection level performance insights.

4. Dynamic Dashboard – Analyze trends with a dynamic graphs.
• drill up and down through all systems to analyze CPU consumption.